Keira Minter has been working in the VET sector for seventeen years and is now an experienced and versatile developer.

With a background in the Visual Arts, Keira used to arrange her dolls and stuffed toys into a circle and insist they learn to read and draw. She started painting seriously as a teenager and moved to New York City at 21. After 7 years immersed in the most exciting cultural environment in the world, Keira returned to Australia ready to gain a formal Education.

She completed a Bachelor of Fine Art (BFA), a Diploma in Education (DipEd) and a Diploma in Education (DipEd eLearning). She also gained a scholarship from the School for Social Entrepreneurs and is a qualified Caseworker with the Dept. of Family & Community Services (FACs).

After graduating, Keira worked as a teacher in Juvenile Justice. It is possible some detention centres are still decorated by her large murals of inspiring leaders such as Nelson Mandela and Marcus Garvey. Eventually she acquired a substantive postion with the Workforce Training & Development team, which is where her engagement with AQTF accredited training began in earnest.

Keira's experience enables her to analyse the technical aspects of a Training Package quickly and accurately. Although she cannot (yet) make water into wine, she can transform a list of Performance Criteria into several days of compliant and experiential learning activities.

Keira continues to paint and draw (visit and has two children, Edward & Grace.

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