Slide presentations are a powerful tool in a facilitators arsenal.

It is no secret in our industry that the tool has often been misused, resulting in a 'death by PowerPoint" catastrophe. I have personally witnessed learners falling asleep during presentations.

At Learning Eye, we love PowerPoint. We believe it's capacity has been generally under utilised and misunderstood.

Our Slide Presentations run more like interactive websites, with navigation buttons allowing trainers to move around according to the flow of discussion in the room, as opposed to a linear procession of prescriptive data.

Slide presentations are a wonderful platform to bring the possibilities of multi-media into the training room.

Our slides include:

  • Images

  • Diagrams

  • Audio

  • Video

  • Links

  • Colour

  • Shape

  • Flowcharts

Our templates are readable, simple and memorable.