Art is not created in a vacuum. 

The moment an artist puts a brush to canvas, a hand to a lump of clay, a welding torch to a piece of steel, a pair of scissors and glue to the back of a wicker chair, they are participating in a History of Objects, a history of around 25,000 years provenance.


Our hearts should always guide us when it comes to art. It leads us towards what we like and don't like. Our preferences say something about us. The art we love shows us who we are beyond our small identities. We are more than the personalities we have chosen to participate in the random strands of society we find ourselves within. The art we love points the way to our larger beings. 


These are the courses in the program:


Egypt - 3,000 years of Life & Death

Aegean - Set Sail to Sell

Ancient Greece - Truth, Beauty and Goodness

Etruscan - Create or Die

Rome - Conquest of the Known World & Beyond

Christian - Can't we all just get along?

Byzantine - The Word of God Written

Medieval - All is Not Lost

Romanesque - Build & They Will Come

Renaissance - Rebirth & Resurrection

Baroque - Win Their Hearts & Minds

Modernism - The Self Expressed 

Post-Modernism - The Breakdown

Contemporary Art - To be researched